Clubster Testimonials

“Clubster navigation tools, content controls and security features are exactly what we have been looking for. Current Social Media Channels and other software providers offer these options, but not as clean as Clubster. When compared to the ease of use and qualities of Clubster, there is no doubt Clubster is better suited to fulfill our needs in this area. With over 5 months on the platform, the response from our members on using Clubster has been outstanding. They enjoy the functionality, push messaging features and ability to quickly make reservations. Contra Costa Country Club is working to improve all member communications, but we have had nothing but success to report with Clubster. Clubster will not be our only channel to communicate with members, but a positive addition to our future messaging campaigns.” -Bradley Axon, Sales Director, Contra Costa Country Club, Pleasant Hill, CA

“The Clubster team was fantastic to work with, and you definitely can’t beat the product that you get for the low cost! Our members like getting notifications about club events right on their phone. They have also been very active in creating their own groups (tennis, golf, etc.) on Clubster and communicating with each other. Clubster is also a great way to quickly notify people of sudden course and tennis court closures or delays due to weather or other circumstances. We use it to post fun photos and more “behind the scene” photos than we would post on our website (photos of the chef in the kitchen doing prep, bartenders making an ice cream shake, golfers getting ready to tee off, etc.) All in all, it’s a great way for members and staff to interact and communicate on a more personal level than the Club website.” -Kim Lee, Director of Member Services, White Bear Yacht Club, Dellwood, MN

“While we do have a website…it is pretty weak and people don’t go there for information. Perhaps it is capable of more than I what I utilize it for, but I don’t have time to deal with it, quite frankly. I’m in a unique position where I’m a golf pro first and foremost. I own my pro shop and handle all administrative duties with that as well as manage all departments. I manage the club and membership programs as well. The ease of use of Clubster is what makes it so handy. I can do it from anywhere. I can reach members in a variety of ways (which is awesome) and I don’t have to rely on them going somewhere to see what information I need to share with them. Members used to have to go to our website to get information…and Clubster brings it to them. I strongly considered revamping the website but I don’t think that would have been money well spent. I’m no social media expert…in fact I’ve never set foot on Facebook…but it’s interesting to see that multiple people have hooked up for golf games through Clubster already. Clubster provides me with a voice in which to communicate to them and share information.” -Rodney Wray, Head Golf Professional & Membership Director, Wolf Creek Golf Club, Olathe, KS

“Clubster allows us to re-purpose information from our newsletter and shoot it out to our members. The members receive push notifications to their mobile devices, which is preferred to email by some. We also post pictures of members without hesitation because it is private. It is incredibly easy to set up and manage. Any staff who has navigated through various social media such as Twitter, Instagram or FaceBook will pick up on the user-friendly Clubster. It’s a breeze. Clubster employees offer incredible customer service. FAST & Personal. Add to all the above praise, a team at Clubster that is continually improving the functionality and adding new features. I have witnessed great strides since we started in 2012.” -Tracy Hull, Director of Membership, Northwood Club, Dallas, TX

“We are off and running (flying might be closer). The members are hitting it hard. I almost can’t keep up -which is great. Groups are forming left and right.” -Richard Fairman, General Manager, Blue Hills Country Club, Kansas City, MO

“Clubster has been a wonderful marketing tool for our club and a great way for our members to stay connected! Promotion of events, golf course conditions, tennis/pool/golf achievements, etc. The possibilities are endless!”
-Elizabeth Wecker, Membership Director, Fairlawn Country Club, Akron, OH